CEPAD (the European Alkylphenols and Derivatives Association) was originally founded in the context of the risk assessment conducted on nonylphenol and the risk reduction measures which were consequently to be applied.

The main objectives of the CEPAD Cefic Sector Group shall be to provide a forum to represent the association and its members’ interests and to develop and promote initiatives on their behalf, e.g.:

• Supporting responsible and safe use of alkylphenols and derivatives in Europe.
• Maintaining a high level of technical and scientific understanding of hazard and risks posed by alkylphenols and derivatives, e.g. by commissioning studies on the health and environmental effects.

Some representative examples of alkylphenols and derivatives considered within the remit of CEPAD (non-exhaustive list) are: mono-alkylphenols (e.g. p-tert.-butylphenol, octylphenol, nonylphenol), di-alkylphenols (e.g. 2,4-di-tert.-butylphenol, 2,6-di-tert.-butylphenol), ethoxylated mono- and di-alkylphenols, etc.