Full Members

Any company producing or supplying alkylphenols and derivatives in Europe (Cefic territory) shall be eligible for membership of CEPAD.

Members shall have the right to attend the Meetings and to take part in the activities of the Sector Group in accordance with the rules established by CEPAD. The Members shall have voting rights.

Associated Members

Associated Membership is open to producers of alkylphenols and derivatives outside Europe as well as to users of alkylphenols and derivatives in Europe.

Associated Members shall have the right to attend the Meetings, and participate in other activities or groups as identified by CEPAD. The Associated Members shall have no voting rights.


The Members of the Sector Group are the following:

  • Dow Chemicals (CH)
  • Sasol (DE)
  • SI Group (CH)
  • Sumitomo Bakelite Europe (BE)

and the following Associated Members :

  • Clariant (DE)
  • Songwon Industrial Group (CH)