Alkylphenols are typically used as intermediates for the production of further derivatives or as monomers in polymers. Alkylphenols are used in final products in the form of their derivatives, thereby reducing the likelihood of potential widespread exposure to alkylphenols for man or the environment. In the majority of the final products and applications alkylphenols are not present other than residual concentrations or very minor impurities.

Here is a more detailed list of uses:

  • Intermediate for production of:

      * plastics additives for stabilization and UV light protection to extend the shelf life of consumer end use articles,
      * antioxidants and stabilizers used in motor oils to extend the service life of engines over extended drain intervals,
      * pharmaceuticals essential to both human and animal health,
      * herbicides, 
      * surfactants for use in technical applications.

  • Monomer / co-monomer for phenolic resins used as rubber tackifier and reinforcing resins, e.g. contributing to car and utility vehicle tyre integrity and safety.

  • Chain terminator for high performance engineering plastics, e.g. used in car production and articles of the multimedia industry.

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