Alkylphenols are a family of organic compounds obtained by the alkylation of phenols. The term is usually reserved for commercially important propylphenol, butylphenol, amylphenol, heptylphenol, octylphenol, nonylphenol, dodecylphenol and related "long chain alkylphenols" (LCAPs). Methylphenols and ethylphenols are also alkylphenols, but they are more commonly referred to by their specific names, cresols and xylenols.

CEPAD Sector Group acts to:

  • Provide European manufacturers of alkylphenols with a forum where they can meet and discuss regulatory issues affecting the industry.
  • Promote the alkylphenols industry's views and opinions to European Union institutions.
  • Maintain dialogue with other European and international associations which represent manufacturers along the alkylphenols value chain.
  • Impart and improve public knowledge about alkylphenols, their uses and their benefits to society.

The European Alkylphenols and Derivatives Association (CEPAD) is a Sector Group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). CEPAD members are typically companies who manufacture alkylphenols and derivatives within Europe.